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Recording Studio

Hit Engine is the first of its kind offering music artists a range of record label and artist development services. We support up-and-coming artists by providing you access to a team of professionals, who will help you grow and succeed in the music industry.


You will have access to mentoring, a personal A&R, Top Performance coaching, Distribution, Play-listing, Music Videos, Music Production, Studio Time and more.



* Keep 100% of your masters & royalties 

* A&R Consultancy x 5 sessions 

* Setup of Back end systems such as PRS, PPL, MusicBrainz (for BBC & song ID), Sound Exchange etc.,

* Setup of DSP artists' accounts. (Spotify, Apple), 

* Help with Social networks (YouTube, Vevo, TikTok, IG Artist account).

* Guidance on budget & finance 

* Studio Recording Time + 4  hours with songwriter/producer/engineer (8 hours)
* Professional Mix & Mastering of 1 track

* Distribution (artwork, registration) 

* Performance/Network Opportunity 

All this for just £1,350 or pay in 3 instalments of £450pcm over 3 months

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